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Ace of Wands

Wands are definitely my suit. I feel an incredible connection with this painting.

(c) Tarot of the Deviant Moon


i love so many things about it, to me it says that birth is not a glamorous thing, it's icky and primal and disgusting but still so breathtakingly beautiful
and the role of the woman
she is holding the torch - metaphor for enlightenment
she shapes the mind of the baby
also metaphor for creativity, she CREATED the baby
also metaphor for knowledge, she's in the forest and one with nature, and she knows what's around her because she knows herself and there's duality
and all of the delicious things i know and embrace
oh and she will defend the babby. and the babby itself is on one hand an infant and on the other a very old soul which has wisdom that surpasses adults, as all babies do
and those butterfly wings behind the lady's shoulders
and the way her collarbone goes and her breast
omg i just love this so much
and connect with this on every level